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German Shepherd - German Shepherd Breeder.

CZ Legacy GSD is a working line German Shepherd breeder LOCATED IN Springtown, texas. Our breeding program is dedicated specifically to the German Shepherd and the preservation of the working Czech,SLOVAK/DDR BLOODlines. We offer german shepherd puppies for sale, personal/family protection dogs for sale, family companion german shepherds for sale. Our breeding program is dedicated to the preservation of the German Shepherd Czech and DDR working bloodlines. We uphold only the highest standards in the health, temperament and structure of our dogs, as well as in their care, placement and upbringing. 18/08/2018 · 10 Fascinating Things You Probably Didn't Know About Czech Working Line German Shepherd The Czech Working Line German Shepherd is one of the 5 lines of the German Shepherd breed. We already listed and. The czech lines were originally bred in Communist Czech as state working dogs. large blockly head with big bone structure and leaner in build. These GSD have straighter backs and fewer problems with hip dysplasia. However, they are high-energy dogs. Czech line GSD and East GSD DDR Shepherd are stronge bloodlines.

This is the line, which had significant impact on the world of working GSD. These days this line is getting muddled. However we are the only ones preserving these working strains of GSD through this seminar, certifications, educations and through our unique selective breeding program. Vom Banach K9 Working Line German Shepherds Do It All. Vom Banach K9’s beautiful German Shepherd dogs are truly doing it all! We are successful working line German Shepherd breeders with dogs in the field excelling in all facets of work.

The stud dogs, females and puppies were cared for by military service conscripts. The dogs were trained at the Kennels for about 12 months, and then relocated to Border Patrol training facilities nowadays they’re quartered at Czech police training facilities. Wolvesden Kennel - Registered Breeder of Working Line German Shepherds - Imported Czech, DDR, and West German Lines - Near Dryden in Northwestern Ontario. The Original Importer of "Czech" Border Patrol German Shepherd Dogs. 623-388-5000 Phoenix, Arizona. Visit our Forums to ask your GSD questions, read our on-going discussions regarding GSD's or just to chat with fellow GSD Lovers! We provide our AKC REGISTRABLE K9 trained. German Shepherd dog, German shepherd Kansas Breeder, Working line Breeder, German shepherd Import, Czech German shepherds,DDR lines, East German Shepherds, German shepherd Stud dogs, German shepherd Puppies, German shepherds For sale,. The German Shepherd dog has developed in many different ways since it’s creation and it will continue to; hopefully for the. Hello Sir,I am thrilled to see that I have what appears to be a DDR line GSD.I have purchased him in the philippines and he is of a solid stock.Father was 42. The German Shepherd Dog- DDR, Czech and British Lines.

The prices of our imported, Czech bred, working line, German Shepherd puppies depends on selected breeding, necessary vaccinations, pet passport and delivery to A1K9 in South Wales as well as the very important early socialisation work in the Czech Republic. Quickly find the best offers for Czech German shepherd puppies for sale UK on NewsNow Classifieds. We collected up to 30 ads from hundreds of classified sites for you!

About German Shepherds From CZECH Working Lines Within the category of European working lines there are several subsets: West German Working, Czech, East German/DDR, Dutch, Belgian. Each brings with it slight variations in look and temperament. For over a decade now we have imported and trained European Working Line German Shepherds. We specialize in Czech, Slovak, and West German working bloodlines, with our first litter being born in 2010. A good majority or our breeding dogs are either directly imported from Slovakia and the Czech Republic, or raised from our own breeding program. Czech shepherds are typically known for their even temperament, intelligence, high energy and drive. The Czech shepherd breed is from the German working line of German shepherds and was bred to produce working dogs. They have a natural tendency to be.

Jinopo.CZ Czech, Slovak, DDR, East German K9.

18/11/2016 · 6.5 month old female. I am not a professional and learned to train her through YouTube videos. It's just amazing how smart these dogs are. I take. While the Czech German Shepherd is a relatively new breed, they have become quite popular very quickly around the world. Modern breeding of the bloodlines is not as heavily regulated, so Czech German Shepherds are often bred to be more docile family pets. The working line German Shepherds do not head turning beauty as their show line counterparts. For working line GSD – “Utility is the true criterion of beauty”. It’s his working ability where actually the beauty of this GSD type lies. Czech German Shepherd Dogs The Czech German Shepherd Dogs or Czchoslovakian GSD is again another distinctive. - Vs Ddr Gsd, DDR German Shepherd Forum, East German DDR German Shepherd, Czech DDR Puppies, DDR vs American GSD, West Virginia GSD, DDR German Shepherd Breeders, Czechoslovakian GSD, DDR Dogs, DDR Shepherd Red, DDR Working Line German Shepherds, Sable DDR German Shepherd, DDR Germany, DDR Puppies, DDR GSD Breeders, East German.

DDR/CZECH working line GSD breeders in the UK - Page 1 Pedigree Database. Czech working lines. I know of the Jinopo bred dogs but that would mean importing, so I would like to find UK based breeders and talk with them. Not looking to purchase until next year, so need to do my research. Many thanks. ABOUT US. Our next litter of German Shepherd puppies for sale in NC from titled, imported Czech German Shepherds, will be available in November, 2015, The mother, Alwa z Eurosportu is a Slovakian imported black and red German shepherd, The sire is our Schutzhund 3. Differences in German Shepherd lines/pedigrees. Czeck, East and West German - Page 1. and I am very familiar with the differences between working line GSD and show line GSD, but when people talk about different lines of the working line German Shepherd what does that mean? I know that each is their. I personally own a ddr/czech line cross. German Shepherd dogs from European, Czech, DDR working lines. Healthy, straight backed, wonderful temperaments. Providing with a puppy of exceptional quality. Perfect for a family companion, working partners and protectors. Cialis And Levitra Online. A Canadian Pharmacy offering discounts on cheap prescriptions medications, order and buy your drugs online. Best Quality and EXTRA LOW.

Imported AKC World Class European German Shepherd Puppies for sale Family Raised in Northwest Montana Purebred puppy for sale Sable working line protection. 3 year old Czech line entire male gsd dog looking for his forever family. Jc reg.He’s great with kids has good on lead obedience recall is good once he has a bond. He had been living in an outside kennel as he was originally bought for security work but has quite made the grade.

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